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Our mission

Our mission, WITH YOUR HELP, is to bring a smile to children who have lost a parent to the disease of addiction.  The death of a parent is a lifelong loss for a child.   Losing a parent to the disease of addiction brings an added stigma.  We cannot erase their grief, but by presenting them with a want or need that they have requested, we can give them a moment to escape the grief, a moment to just be a kid again, a moment to smile!


So what will we do with your donation?

It is mostly up to the children, but here are some ideas they may have. They might need a new bike, or sports equipment. Maybe now they will miss out on a chance to spend the day at a water park because mom or dad doesn't have extra money to spare. Perhaps they were supposed to go to summer camp and worry that plan will be changed.  We will try to give them the help needed so they don't miss out on childhood experiences. 


For the parent left to carry on...

It can be stressful to run a household on 1 income. Your donation will help ease the burden. Together we can help with school supplies, birthday and holiday gifts.  Maybe we can help get their teenager something special to wear to prom. These children shouldn't have to lose out on cool opportunities or the basic joys of being a kid because there is a financial struggle at home.  We don't want these children to miss out on experiences they would have had before they lost a parent.

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to assist children who have lost a parent of the disease of addiction enjoy the simple things in childhood, like receiving a sleeping bag so they can go on a camping trip with their friends. Together, we can make a difference for these kids and give them a moment to smile!

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